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The Dreamhunters Society is an artistic collaboration between 9 years old Theodor, his 12 years old brother Dorian and his mother, Danish artist Christina Holdgaard…(not a word about her age!)

The three of them are all crazy about drawing, coloring and most of all they love having a good time together. They truly believe teamwork is the best. 

Their creative process is pretty simple. Theodor and Dorian come up with the first idea. They make the narrative drawing while Christina has a great time elaborating its ornementation and adding colors to it.

Recently, the Dreamhunters have made a series of drawings of colorful and quirky Monsters who each have pretty original and poetic names! Have a look for yourself...they are truly quite inventive! 

These Monster drawings have been made into digital art prints and in order to give these a unique touch, they have each received a bespoke layer of hand applied colored pencil. This way the original drawing's bright colors and spontaneity are transcribed into each print.


We agree that two of the three Dreamhunters are pretty young. However, we guarantee that they are just as dedicated as older professionals when it comes to giving you the best possible artistic experience to hang on your walls.

All of The Dreamhunters Society’s prints are made in France. They come with white frames made of wood from sustainably managed forests in Europe and are protected by highly transparent « childproof » plexiglass. 

New prints, drawings and paintings are on their way so please come and visit us again soon.

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